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yogplSunday morning, I woke up with a curiosity and an idea.

Curiosity is how to use YO, an application for iphone and android that is doing a lot to talk on the network, rather than for its simplicity, the way in which he suffered, had an investment of one million dollars.
Yo apps is very simple and allows you to send a message (“YO”) to a friend with one click.
If you also think that it is useless, well, make up your mind.
In fact, the strength of this application lies in its immediacy and when they opened to programmers with their api has opened a scenario really interesting, especially in this week when they released the api geolocation.

The idea was just exploiting the easy of YO to create an app that allows with one-click to get information on the nearest LPG/GPL distributor.(How many Kilometers , the name ,the address and his position on the map).

For now, I loaded all european station. When I’ll find other city data I’ll load too.

So in sunday morning i created YoGPL.com in 4 hours.
I hope will be useful to someone, of course, is completely free.

To achieve that I created this php class on github :
(It includes geolocation and messaging)

For the YO novice, just install the app from the store (Apple or Android) and choose a username.
Then you can do these actions on any friends
one click or tap ==> sends one YO (“a signal to say hey! “)
a double-click ==> sends one YO with your position
a long click => YO sends one with the link that is in memory

To use YoGPL just add as a “friend”: YOGPL

So every time you want to know, what is and where is the nearest LPG station just double tap on it.

Simple, isn’t it?


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