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Gv Editor 0.9Black Room is a full screen, distraction free, writing environment. Unlike standard word processors that focus on features, Black Room is just about you and your text.

[Windows Applications]

Black Room is an extension of DarkRoom that is a clone of WriteRoom that is an OS X (tiger) exclusive application.

A place to sit down and write

Open Black Room, and watch the distractions fade away. Now it’s just you and your text. It’s a place where your mind clears and your work gets done.

Overcome the challenge of the digital life

With so much e-mail and information pouring in, the digital life we lead can sure be a blur. If you’ve found it getting harder to focus on the words you want to write, if you’ve forgotten how great it feels to really write distraction-free, then let Black Room help you rediscover your muse.

Furnish to your liking

Your Black Room can stay green-on-black, or you can choose your own colors, fonts, and page layout. Scale up your text for easy reading and printing.

Database for your Text

Organize your file in variuos database (using .mdb Access file) for an easy access.
Use filter on Title or tags and EXPORT in other dB or in a single txt file.


Save and Load your Database with ftp for sharing your file between various PC

Black Room is FREEWARE
version 0.9.2

What you are waiting? DOWNLOAD NOW
Version Update:

0.9.2 : add Ftp Manager, add new DB option, some minor bugs fixed
0.9.1 : add Text Statistics, add Export menu, some bugs fixed

Please send me comment for software/download error or your tips.


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  1. Ciao Gennaro, grazie di avermi segnalato il tuo software. Appena sono vicino a un pc (come hai probabilmente visto, io sono un utente di Scrivener su mac) lo provo.
    Looks good!

  2. many suggestions. ;)
    I’m very happy for this.
    As soon as possible, i’ll add some suggestion and i’ll correct the bug.
    I’m also using my software and i found the missing file error too.
    I’ll correct in the next version.
    Send me your email ( from contact form) and i’ll advise you when i’m ready.
    Now i’m very busy to complete software for some my customers, but i would like to extend Black room , because i like it too ;)

  3. Hello again. I found out that the drag and drop into the window doesn’t work. Also, the tab button does nothing for me.
    In addition to that, I cannot open a text file in Black Room from the right-click submenu. I have to do it from Black Room. It displays many error message boxes about a missing file. It’s odd, since the program works very well.

  4. Oh, and one more suggestion: bookmarks. The program could create a bookmark for the file that is open, and store it in an external file. The next time that file is open, the user could choose to open the bookmark and continue reading from the point he\she stopped reading last time. Kind of like the ‘save session’ feature in some other applications.

  5. I’m glad I could help. :)
    I’d also like to suggest a few more options that I’d like to see in Black Room in the future. So, here are some additions:

    – an ability to hide the green frame, and also another to change its color.
    – another to change the color of the scroll bar
    – auto-save
    – line spacing options like in Dark Room (in Dark Room it’s ctrl+1, 2 and so on for 1, 1.5, 2…) for viewing purposes
    – a pop-up warning that the document hasn’t been saved yet
    – going to full-screen mode with the Esc key (and also back to windowed mode with the same key)
    – an option to show the scroll bar only when needed. I think it would be good if you could move the mouse to the right side of the screen, and the scroll bar would show up
    – perhaps the scroll bar could use a graphical makeover (thinner\more sleek or sophisticated-looking), but it wouldn’t be that necessary if you could hide it
    – if you decide to implement an option for desired page width, perhaps you could make it so that when viewing the text in windowed mode, the page width would always be the width of the window, and only when the window is wider than the desired page width should the page be kept at that limit. I’m sorry if this sounds confusing. Perhaps you’ll get the idea when you try resizing a window with text in Dark Room, and see how that behaves when compared to one in Black Room
    – the opacity slider in the preferences menu would probably be better if it weren’t that sensitive at the right end. Perhaps you could consider disabling the option for having a completely invisible editor altogether
    – some good stuff that’s in Dark Room:
    – a find option
    – an option for checking updates
    – an option for loading stored buffer text
    – an “open with Black Room” option when clicking a file in Windows
    – an option to always launch in full screen mode
    – the statistics window could be made similar to that in Dark Room

    A few more reports:
    – the key combination ctrl+right (or left) works now, but only ctrl+delete works. That is to say, ctrl+backspace produces a square symbol for me.
    – when in full screen mode, moving the mouse close to the green frame makes the green frame go away. However, hitting backspace or delete brings it back. When doing this, the scroll bar is not affected.
    – I could not think of any explanation to what applying ctrl+i to selected text does. For me, it looks like the text vanishes, but something is still left behind.
    – When going to full screen mode, the focus shifts away from the text
    – when scrolling text with the scroll bar, I get a nasty flickering effect. This doesn’t happen when scrolling with the keyboard, however
    – if the scroll bar is grabbed from a spot not near the center, it can ‘warp’, trying to set the center position to the mouse position
    – when in full screen mode, pressing Esc will not cause the right-click menu ‘View’ to lose the check mark on the full screen-option
    – when returning from full screen mode, the place where the user was editing before exiting full screen mode is lost, and the position resets to the start of the document.
    – there’s a typo in the statistics window. It says ‘charachter’ instead of ‘characters’

    That is all I can think of for now, but I don’t want to burden you with this. :)
    Take your time, since the app already works. Congratulations for making a good clone! I especially like the fact that this doesn’t require\use the .net framework 2. It’s much lighter than Dark Room because of that.

  6. Hi, and thanks for a great program. I use this as well as Dark Room, and I love the fact that Black Room actually has a scroll bar.
    I have a few suggestions:
    Have you thought about adding options for margins and custom page width, like in Dark Room? Also, I think an option for converting tabs to a number of spaces defined by the user would be nice.

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