About Me

I started to develop in basic at the age of eight years with my vic20, from that time I never stopped.
My whole life has been designed on the basis of my passion for programming and willingness to invent new things.
I have a strong aptitude for problem solving and to learn new skills quickly.

I’m passionate about Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data and Startup.

I love new digital technologies, support the data-driven approach and believes that a smart use of data can dramatically improve the quality of people’s everyday life.

Main competencies:
Product design, Product development, Project management, Team management , R&D,
Analytic skills, Problem solving, Communication skills and Social media,
Python, R, PHP, Statistics, Regression, Classification, Clustering, Data mining, Data visualisation .

In 2013 I build Pingram.me (now pinhere.me) in 6 hours (a mashup between Instagram and Pinterest) that became viral thanks to word of mouth, capturing the attention of many online newspapers (Mashable, TNW, Huffing Post, VB,..)

Now i’m C.T.O. and founder at Buzzoole.com


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